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Monthly Seminars

The Work-Life Services program offers access to informative live or archived webinars. Download the 2022 Calendar of Online Seminars  or log on to view and register for upcoming programs.

*For clients with Advantage Complete or Enhanced Web

2022 Calendar




Getting Into the Right Frame of Mind for 2022

Reframing Your Way Through 2022

Available on Demand Starting January 18

Learn practical steps to use positive reframing strategies and guide your way through 2022.
Honoring Grief and Loss

Navigating Through Grief and Loss

Available on Demand Starting February 17

Discover ways to say goodbye and going through five stages of grief in a healthy way.

From Tired to Inspired: Keeping Engaged and Preventing Burnout

Available on Demand Starting March 17

Learn how to get around burnout, prevent it, and keep yourself engaged in work and personal life.
Finding a Hobby

Finding a Hobby: How it Impacts Your life

Available on Demand Starting April 19

Understand the importance of having a hobby and how you can start finding one to help you feel happier.
MAYGetting a Good Night's Sleep

Sleep Essentials

Available on Demand Starting May 17

Explore strategies to start a healthy bedtime routine to help you reduce stress and improve your wellbeing.
Exploring Nature

Finding Yourself Through Nature

Available on Demand Starting June 21

Discover the importance of being outside and find your own way to enjoy nature and increase your wellbeing.
Digital Health

Unplugged: Digital Detoxing

Available on Demand Starting July 19

Find the reasons why we need to do digital detox and learn practical steps on how to start incoporating it into your schedule.
Self-Care Strategy

Self-Care: Better Care of Yourself

Available on Demand Starting August 16

Identify the ways to implement self-care as a part of your schedule and learn the art of slowing down.
Open Communication

Open Communication: Powerful Ways to Create It

Available on Demand Starting September 20

Attain the skills to have open and effective communication at work and at home.
Navigating Holidays

Navigating Your Holidays

Available on Demand Starting October 18

Learn some effective ways to plan, organize, and make the most of your holiday.
Overtime: Working Caregivers

The Sandwich Generation at Work

Available on Demand Starting November 22

Find out some practical and effective strategies to blance your work and personal life as the sandwich generation. 
Taking Control of Stress

Stress Buster: Managing and Taking Control of Your Life

Available on Demand Starting December 21

Manage your stress in a healthier way and learn some strategies to take control of your life.



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