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Monthly Seminars

The Work-Life Services program offers access to informative live or archived webinars. Download the 2021 Calendar of Online Seminars or log on to view and register for upcoming programs.

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2021 Calendar




Reframing Your World

Reframing Your World

Available on Demand Starting January 19

Discover the practical ways to reframe your perspective to live a more present and positive life.
Setting Goals 

Setting Goals for Your Future

Available on Demand Starting February 16

Learn how to strategically set short-term and long-term goals to help you succeed in all areas of your life.
Planning for Success

Planning for Success

Available on Demand Starting March 16

Explore the secrets behind being more organized and more efficient to help combat and reduce overwhelm.
Financial Security

The Steps to Financial Security

Available on Demand Starting April 20

Understand the practical ways you can feel more secure and more stable in your finance management.
MAYAddressing Anxiety

Addressing Anxiety in an Uncertain World

Available on Demand Starting May 18

Learn how to recognize and manage anxiety to actively combat the physical and mental effects in a practical way.
Healthy Relationships

Building Health and Happy Relationships

Available on Demand Starting June 15

Identify the ways to build and maintain healthy relationships with those around you, with a focus on the importance of boundary setting.
Summer Holiday

Maximizing Your Summer Break

Available on Demand Starting July 20

Learn some straightforward and effective ways to make the most of your summer holiday and maximize the moments and memories for you and your family. 
Building Confidence in Children

Raising Confident Children

Available on Demand Starting August 17

Attain the skills and insight to boost your children's confidence and self-esteem and help them to become empowered and resilient adults.
Being Present

Switch on to Being More Present

Available on Demand Starting September 21

Discover the key to being more present and actively taking the time to digitally disconnect and spend quality time with those around you.
Embracing Differences

Embracing Diversity and Differences

Available on Demand Starting October 19

Learn about how to live and work in a way that is respectful, kind, and embraces diversity in all walks of life. 
Caring for Our Elders

Caring for Our Elders

Available on Demand Starting November 16

Find out more about the aging process and how to both practically and emotionally care for elderly relatives. 
Making Time to Make a Difference

Paying It Forward

Available on Demand Starting December 21

Understand the small but powerful ways that everyone can "pay it forward" and make a difference in the lives of others.



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