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At TSG, we believe that wellness is an active, lifelong process of making conscious choices toward a more healthful existence. From our years of experience working with a wide variety of employers, we know first-hand that healthy, engaged employees are also happier, more productive, have higher morale and fewer work absences. We also know that changing lifestyle behaviors requires a long-term approach. Without employer support, it can be challenging for employees to improve or develop sustainable healthy lifestyle choices. The Solutions Group is with you every step of the way, helping to create a Culture of Health that adds value over time, regardless of your health insurance carrier. 

Successfully managing an employee wellness program takes time and commitment. When you partner with TSG,  our team of experts becomes an extension of your organization. From program design to communication to execution and reporting, we deliver best-in-class, results-oriented programs and services that are specifically designed to support and promote healthy behaviors and improve health outcomes for your employees. Our goal? To help them reach the highest levels of health, well-being and productivity possible.


As the health and wellness division of Presbyterian Healthcare Services, we have a unique ability to integrate with a variety of clinical resources along the continuum of care. We work with a diverse group of highly qualified partners both inside and outside our organization to ensure that your employees have access to the right resources at the right time.

Wellness has multiple touch points along the continuum of care. Employee wellness programs play a significant role in the lower risk, preventative side of the spectrum, where they can:

  • Engage healthy, low-risk individuals in sustainable healthy lifestyle behaviors
  • Educate and increase awareness around risk status for those developing risks (weight gain, inactivitu, etc.)
  • Reduce and/or prevent risk progression or reverse risk status

A fully integrated, successful wellness program also plays a significant role on the right side of the spectrum, bridging the gap and providing resources and referral connections for the proper care of diseased individuals.  

our commitment

Because we so firmly believe that everyone can benefit from living a healthier life, TSG is committed to:

Providing exceptional customer service

Delivering fun, innovative programs that foster engagement, loyalty, job satisfaction and productivity

Sharing our experience, knowledge and passion for well-being

Making healthy behaviors accessible to everyone

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