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Health Coaching

Change is hard but we can help!

When it comes to behavior change, success rates go up when accountability does too. That's why TSG's Health Coaching program can be an effective way to help your employees make better, more health-conscious choices, improving their health status and leading to happier, more fulfilling lives. Employers who support employee behavior change also stand to benefit from lower medical costs and higher organizational productivity. 

Why health coaching works

Lifestyle changes are the most cost-effective means to reduce risk for major chronic diseases. But it's no secret that risk factors and lifestyle behaviors are complex and multi-faceted, involving the interaction of genetics and environment. Effective coaching programs help tease out these factors and address them on an individual basis. Together, coaches and individual employees establish an effective approach to lifestyle behavior changes that are designed to produce positive health outcomes. 

TSG Health Coaches focus on weight management, nutrition, physical activity and stress reduction. Specifically, they work with employees to: 

  • Set appropriate goals
  • Create an action plan
  • Identify personal motivation
  • Establish coping skills and a reliable support system

This personalized approach allows each participant to work directly with a health educator, dietitian or exercise specialist in a one-on-one setting. All of our health coaches have advanced degrees in their chosen field as well as a variety of certifications. Each coach also has extensive experience and has been trained in the art of Motivational Interviewing®. Our coaches bring education, empathy and compassion to their relationships with your employees.

Our personal health coaching service is completely confidential and we offer a variety of communication options including phone, onsite or secure email messages. 

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