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Supporting your most valuable asset:  Employees

TSG wellness programs and services are thoughtfully designed to support and promote healthy behaviors in the workplace and improve health outcomes for your employees. Our evidence-based programs and services are designed to meet the specific needs of employees in all types of workplaces and follow industry best practices established by the Society for Human Resource Management and the HERO Health and Well-being Best Practices Scorecard in Collaboration with Mercer.

Our programs target four key areas of personal well-being. For more information about specific programs in each category, click on the links below. 


Our Wellness at Work online portal serves as a gateway to personalized health improvement plans, activities and education.  


Without effective communication, your wellness program can get lost in the shuffle of information employees receive every day. TSG provides extensive communication support to optimize employee engagement in your program, including customized marketing for programs, workshops and events, custom publications, a monthly newsletter, online event sign-ups and much more. 

Ideal for organizations with multiple worksites, Wellness Ambassadors are the "face" of your wellness program. As liaisons between your wellness program and employees at their work locations, these employee volunteers can be a valuable resource when it comes to promoting specific programs, activities and resources.


At TSG, we  believe that education plays a key role in every successful, sustainable wellness program. Whether it's someone from our team of experts teaching a Workshop, organizing a Wellness Academy or coordinating a Health Fair, sharing information your employees can incorporate into their daily lives or pass on to others is an integral part of our hands-on approach. 


Determining the success of your program requires having an evaluation framework and reporting metrics in place from the beginning. Whether you are assessing adoption and engagement or impact on risk, trend or culture, we can help you measure the value of your wellness investment.


TSG offers three levels of wellness programming to meet your needs. A la carte programs and services are also available. 

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