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wellness during COVID-19 

As we face the COVID-19 crisis together, Employee Wellness is continuing to deliver education, tools and support to help you and your family stay healthy and balanced during this challenging time. 

30-Day Wellness Connection

This online program helps you take daily, proactive steps to improve your physical and emotional well-being. It's easy, fast and effective!

The 30-day Wellness Connection focuses on small daily actions - not outcomes - to reduce stress and anxiety. Making one small, daily change to your mindset can be the inspiration you need to move forward in these unsettling times.  Each day you'll receive an email with a helpful, short resource to help you set your intention, learn a new technique or build a helpful habit. Start any time and receive 30 days of tips in a row. 

Register now to start your 30 days of wellness.



Wellness Academies 

These two-hour educational events are designed to help members improve their overall health by focusing on a specific health topic, such as Blood Pressure or Diabetes. Our Wellness Academies are designed to benefit not only those employees who may have the health condition, but also those at risk for the condition and caregivers. Each Academy includes the following components in an interactive format:

  • Educational presentation
  • Cooking demo
  • Catered meal
  • Resource materials

The Solutions Group will partner with your organization to handle event promotion, communications, online registration, program set-up and delivery, and post-event feedback.

Wellness Ambassadors

Wellness Ambassadors are employee volunteers who are advocates for healthy living, no matter where they are in their own personal health journeys. Ideal for organizations with multiple worksites, Wellness Ambassadors serve as a liaison between your wellness program and employees at his or work location. As the "face" of your wellness program, Wellness Ambassadors communicate with employees and direct them to specific programs, activities and resources.


TSG one-hour workshops are led by our experts at your worksite and focus on a specific topic. They include a presentation and resource materials for participants. We currently offer more than 30 workshops on a variety of topics including:

  • Exercise
  • Health and Behavior Change
  • Mind and Body
  • Nutrition

We are always developing new curriculum. For a complete list of Workshops, please contact us.


In addition to helping you design an effective, sustainable wellness program for your employees, TSG provides extensive communication support to optimize employee engagement in the program.

  • Expert advice and support for enhanced engagement in wellness programs
  • Customized marketing for all wellness programs, workshops and events
  • Online event sign-ups with email reminders
  • Monthly Work and Well-being newsletter for employees


An evaluation framework and reporting metrics are necessary to determine the success of your program.  Whether you are evaluating adoption and engagement or impact on risk trend or culture, we can help you measure the value on investment of your wellness dollars. 

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your needs.
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