Below are the recorded webinars in alphabetical order. To access recorded webinars, open the Power Point file and go to View/Notes where you can read the complete script of the webinar in the Notes section under the slides.

Note to managers: These recorded webinars can be included as part of a performance development program for your employees. Once they have completed a course, have them answer the following questions:

  1. What were the main lessons you learned from this webinar?
  2. What action(s) will you take as a result of what you learned?

Webinar Topics:

Avoiding Job Burnout

Communication Styles

Customer Service

Dealing with Difficult Behavior

Decision Making Tools

Delegating for Results

Different Conflict Modes and Your Preferred Modes

Effective Email Communication

Elder Care Challenges and Solutions

Emotional Intelligence at Work

Giving and Receiving Useful Feedback

"Good Manager" Skills

Improving Personal Productivity

The Interview Process

Money Matters

Motivation in the Workplace

Organizational Change

Reducing Workplace Negativity

Sources of Conflict and How To Address Them

Stress Management

Time Management - Special Assignments

Utilizing Positive Management - Communication/Leadership/Delegation

Utilizing Positive Management - Training/Mentoring/Coaching

Workplace Violence Prevention

NEW! Successful Unemployment Transitions

  • Preparing for the worst and hoping for the best helps us cope with potential changes in employment. In this workshop, we cover what to do before and after a layoff; writing your resume, cover letter and thank you letters and; using some of the tools available online to help you successfully weather a change in employment.

NEW! Respectful Workplace- Confronting Harassment

  • Maintaining a Respectful Workplace is essential for a positive, productive work atmosphere. Laws and policies against harassment play an important role. This course explores law and policy as well as focusing on identifying, reporting, and preventing harassment in the workplace. Special attention is placed on the individual company‚Äôs policy and procedures.

NEW! Working Parents

  • Take a look at some useful tips on creating balance between work and home life. Learn how to take care of yourself while attending to the needs of your family.

NEW! Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

  • Are you in control of your mind, or is your mind in control of you? Learn about the practice of Mindfulness including some simple mindfulness exercises to increase awareness, generate joy, and increase acceptance of what is. Learn tools to refocus, refresh, and reform our thoughts. Experience a clearer focus on job and life responsibilities.
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