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Work and Well-being is a monthly publication for State of New Mexico employees.

June 2019 

Worry on the Clock

Time Managment Tip: Optimize Time Pockets

Have Less Concern About Child Day Care

Parents and Teen Driving Tip

Signs an Alcohol Assessment is Needed

Work LIfe Balance

Is your Body Saying "Enough"

Be a Pro at Defusing Workplace Tension

 May 2019 

Better Reasons to Stop Gossip

 Do you Have a Mentally Ill Family Member?

 Dozing off With Digital Media

 Quick, Make a Speech!

 Working Under Pressure

 Be an Inclusive Role Model for a Positive Workplace

 When Employees Struggle With Opioid Addiction

 Too Special to be Alcoholic


 April 2019  

Have a Good Mental Health Day at Work

Tech for To-Do Lists: Try Trello

Gratitude has Science Behind It

Giving Feedback that Sticks

Talking to Someone About Getting Counseling

Maintaining a Positive Attitude

Feeling Great, But Do You Have Diabetes

Find Moments for Movement

March 2019  

Celebrating National Nutrition Month at Work

Colorectal Cancer: Know the Facts

Is Your Mess Causing Stress? Yes!

Join us for a Special International Women's Day Online Event

February 2019  

Celebrate American Heart Month with Movement

Practicing Random Acts of Kindness in the Workplace

Know the Facts: Is it the Flu or a Cold?

Tips for Creating Healthy Habits

January 2019 

Thinking About Thyroid Disease

New Year's Resolution: Transform Your Habits

Giving Blood: Know the Facts

New Physical Activity Guidelines Reinforce Benefits of Movement

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