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The Solutions Group EAP is designed to help your organization create a true Culture of Health where employees can thrive as individuals and as a workforce. We are a full-service provider of innovative, personalized support programs and services designed to help your employees find work-life balance by managing their stress levels and mental fitness. 

Studies show that EAP services can produce positive clinical change, improvements in employee absenteeism, productivity and turnover, as well as savings in medical, disability and workers' compensation claims. 

TSG's licensed professional team is a valuable resource and management tool for organizational leaders, easing the unpredictable burden of helping employees who are struggling by providing individual counseling and referral services. By promoting a proactive focus on employee well-being, we can help your organization reduce liability costs through training and advice. Our profressional counselors will coach you through the appropriate steps in identifying and addressing your employees' emotional and performance needs.

OUR goal

Our goal is to help employees problem-solve by providing local, licensed providers who offer short-term counseling, assessment and referral services. Unlike national EAPs that provide employees with telephone and online access to counselors, TSG offers personalized, face-to-face and video counseling sessions with our licensed EAP staff counselors. With TSG, your employees have access to a private, off-site resource where then can go to share their concerns in confidence. 

The Solutions Group is a member of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association, the leading provider of education and services to employee assistance professionals and others interested in issues that affect the behavioral health and well-being of employers and employees. TSG integrates EAPA Standards and Professional Guidelines for Employee Assistance Programs into our own mission, operations and culture. 

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